Cornerstone Court No. 49 Heroines of Jericho

In 1924, Dr. Andras Babero, Worshipful Master of Cornerstone Lodge, and Mrs. Bertha Babero asked permission of the M.A.G.M. Sister Rosa Fouche to set up a Court of Heroines. Permission being granted, the club was set up with over 100 members. The first officers were:

On September 11, 1924, they received their charter and December 30, 1924 was constituted and adopted by Cornerstone Lodge No. 91. The sight will long be remembered as it was beautiful. Cornerstone Court has given this Grand Court as Grand Matron Bertha B. Babero - First International Grand Matron; her daughter Edna Burke - Present Most Ancient Grand Matron; Andras Babero - Past Worthy Grand Joshua; Emanuel Potter - Past Worthy Grand Joshua and International Grand Joshua; William J. Burke - Past Worthy Grand Joshua. Adele B. Wells served as Grand Lecturer and has now received the high honorary degree of Past Most Ancient Grand Matron.


  1. History of Cornerstone Court No. 49, Heroines of Jericho by Edna Babero Burke