Princess Syene Chapter No. 114 Order of the Eastern Star

Princess Syene is the product of inclusiveness of the wives of the Masonic members of Cornerstone Lodge No. 91, F.&A.M. The late Dr. Andras Babero was the Worshipful Master of the Lodge at that time and he saw how the Master Mason's wives, sisters and daughters were neglected. He consulted with his wife, Bertha Babero, about how she felt the wives, sisters and daughters could take advantage of the fellowship offered. Sister Babero was invited to a Cornerstone Lodge meeting and was well received. It was at that time that she explained her mission and secured more than thirty pledges. A new Chapter had begun.

Sister Babero immediately began the preparation of forming a Chapter that would align directly with the brother Lodge in their commitment to integrity and service. She contacted all interested prospects and they all met at their home to begin organizing the structure of the Chapter. The Worthy Grand Matron Sister Daisy M. Johnson and the Worthy Grand Patron Brother Lee Taylor were invited to the meeting to speak words of commendation for work well done. They were instructed to secure a dispensation which was readily done. An investigation committee was appointed by the Grand Chapter including Sister Daisy Johnson, Brother Lee Taylor, Sister Louise Webb, Sister Callie Harris, Brother James White and Sister Susie W. Turner. This committee reported that the required number had been complied with. The Worthy Grand Patron notified the Grand Lecturer and her staff of officers to prepare for the initiation. The name "Princess Syene" was selected by Sister Babero for the new Chapter and Princess Syene Chapter No. 114 was constituted on December 6, 1925 by the Worthy Grand Matron, Worthy Grand Patron and her staff of officers.

The first set of Chapter Officers were:

The history of Princess Syene Chapter No. 114 speaks to the integrity, dedication and commitment of the women who continue to support the success of the Chapter. When Sister Babero initiated the beginning of the Chapter it was taken into account that all of the Sisters were connected to Cornerstone Lodge No. 91 as a whole. The goal was to create some inclusion so that their input could be utilized as valuable information to a brotherly and sisterly bond between the two entities that would last for years to come. As the years continue to pass on, Princess Syene continues to leave its mark as a staple in the very fabric of the history of the Order of the Eastern Star.


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